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Being a parent can be stressful, confusing and often we feel isolated and alone. Moree Family Links is there for you.

Family Links is a program designed to suit the needs of families with children 0-8 years. The aim of the project is to:

  • Develop supported playgroups for parents and children
  • Provide practical advice and support to families with infants and/or young children
  • Undertake home visits to families where necessary and provide parenting information and skill development for parents with young children

Parenting Programs

Parents as Teachers is designed to provide guidance and support to families of all configurations and life circumstances, including teen parents. Services are adapted to meet individual family needs. The program provides the following services:
  • Personal Visits. PAT-certified educators, trained in child development and home visiting, help parents understand and have appropriate expectations for each stage of their child's development. They offer practical ideas on ways to encourage learning and interact with children.
  • Group Meetings. Parents meet to enhance their parenting knowledge, gain new insights and share their experiences, common concerns and successes. Group meetings also provide families the opportunity to participate in parent-child activities.
  • Developmental Screening. Parents as Teachers offers periodic screening of overall development, health, hearing, and vision to provide early detection of potential problems and prevent later difficulties in school.
  • Resource Network. Families are helped to access other needed community services that are beyond the scope of the PAT program.

Supported Playgroups

Supported Playgroups provide opportunities for parents and children to enhance their relationship in a supportive environment, increase their skills and confidence, and to develop valuable social and family support networks.

Supported Playgroups aim to empower families to support young children's development through provision and participation in a variety of developmentally appropriate play experiences and activities.

We provide supported playgroups to Moree, Pallamallawa and Mungindi.

What you will need !!!

  • A water bottle
  • Hats and play clothes - because we can get messy 

Please see our events calendar for locations, times and dates.